Water Softener Reviews: Top 5 on The Market Today

Keeping your dishes clean can feel like a chore that never ends. If your home has hard water, this simple tasks becomes a painstaking process that requires hours of hard work every week. But did you know that mineral-rich water can also have adverse effects on your skin, your appliances, and even your health? Many people take advantage of water softeners to clean the water before it hits your sink. There are hundreds of water softeners available on the market, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Taking a few moments to find to find the one that fits your needs provides several key benefits:

  • You’ll save time dealing with frustrating mineral buildup.
  • You’ll save money repairing your appliances.
  • Some people even notice an improvement in their health!

The difficult part is finding a water softener that works for you. There are numerous types of water softening systems that employ different methods of water softening. Some are more practical than others. All of this can make it tricky to pin down which water softener to use in your home. Thankfully, we have done the research for you and have simplified that problem by laying out the best water softeners on the market - so you don’t have to!

Flek 5600SXTEddy Electronic Water DescalerAquasana EQ-1000 Whole House
One of the most popular ion-exchange water softeners with a meter-based regeneration processAn innovative, easy to maintain alternative to traditional water softenersA high capacity water softener with a 10 year life span and the added benefit of chlorine removal
Ion-exchange method
Meter-based regeneration
48,000 grain capacity
Durably poly glass
Not ideal for small households
Eco-friendly, easy to set up, requires no maintenance
Compact size
Not ideal for very hard water
Removes 97% of chlorine from water
Does not require the use of salt, electricity or back flushing
Can improve the air quality of your home
Very large size, not ideal for small households

Flek 5600 sxt water Softner Review

This is one the most popular items from a prominent water softener producer, Flek. It is one of the best household water softeners on the market and comes with advanced technology features making use and installation easy. The Flek 5600SXT softens your water through a process of ion exchange that removes the water’s calcium and magnesium ions.

This in turn increases the lifespan of your household appliances by reducing buildup such as unsightly lime scale or soap scum. It also boasts a meter-based regeneration process. This means you only need to regenerate the water you use, saving you money on bills. Flek also offers a 10-year warranty on its product, though the durable poly glass makes replacing it highly unlikely.

  • Produced by a trusted company with proven customer service and warranty benefits.
  • Unit comes with an electronic controller and an LCD display for easy programming, use, and customization.A large brine tank that can hold up to 250 lbs of pelleted salt that will last for a long time.
  • Uses the ion exchange process, the most popular and efficient methods of water softeners.Meter-based regeneration that allows control and flexibility in your water use, meaning your unit will last longer and your hydro bills will shrink.
  • Durable and hassle free with 10-year warranty on the tank and 5-year warranty on the head (including the electronic components).
  • Lowers hydro bills and plumbing equipment repair costs by reducing mineral buildup.
  • High capacity at 48,000 grains.
  • Not ideal for households of less than 3 people.
  • Larger than some more compact units.

Eddy Electronic Water Softener Review

buy eddy electronic water softener

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a great alternative to traditional water softeners. Rather than removing the ions from the water, this unit uses electromagnetic waves to reduce the effects of the ions. The benefit is that it is an eco-friendly alternative with the same performance of other water softeners.

Furthermore, because it is a water softener alternative, it does not require any salt, plumbing, or even maintenance. It comes at a great price and is very easy to install.

  • Very affordable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional water softeners.
  • Easy to set up and requires no maintenance.​
  • Salt free.​
  • Same great benefits of traditional water softeners.​
  • Compact size great for any living quarters.
  • Not ideal for extremely hard water.

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House

aquasana eq 1000 water softener for sale

The Aquasana EQ-1000 is a very high capacity water softener with a 1-million-gallon capacity for softening. This is because it will soften your entire household’s water continuously for 10 years once installed. It can output softened water at a rate of 7 gallons per minute.

Unlike other water softeners, the Aquasana EQ-1000 removes 97% of chlorine from your water thanks to its advanced 3-stage water processing abilities. It is low maintenance as it does not require the use of salt, electricity or back flushing, saving you time and money in setup and maintenance.

  • Once installed, it will continuously soften your water for 10 years with an output rate of 7 gallons per minute.
  • Does not require the use of salt, electricity or back flushing in order to work.​Removes 97% of chlorine from water.​
  • Has a 3-stage processing system and a very high capacity over its lifetime.
  • Can improve the air quality of your home by reducing the number of chemicals (such as chlorine) that can vaporize during a shower.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Not ideal for small households. Its 3-stage water processing that makes it a very large unit.

Watts RV Pro-1000 Water Softener Review

watts rv pro 1000 water softener review

The Watts RV Pro-1000 is perfect for travelers who have no way of dealing with hard water they come across during their trip. The best thing about the Watts RV Pro-1000 is its portability. Its relatively small size allows for easy transportation, and is the best rated water softener amongst campers and RV-ers.

Furthermore, it runs on standard table salt which is particularly beneficial because it saves you the trouble of bringing specialty salts on your trip. It comes with a great 10-year warranty and a respectable 10,000 grain capacity.

  • Compact size and portability perfect for travelling.
  • Runs on table salt, saving you the hassle of remembering water softener salt while travelling.
  • ​Inexpensive compared to most water softeners.
  • ​Good quality unit for a small price, with a 10,000 grain capacity.
  • Not ideal for household use.
  • Not ideal for large groups as a result of its small, conveniently compact size.

NuvoH20 Water Softener Review

NuvoH20 water softener review

The NuvoH20 is an innovative water softener that does not require the use of salt. Instead, it uses citric acid that results in conditioned, salt-free water and saves you the cost of specialty salts required by some water softeners. Not only will it reduce mineral buildup in your plumbing systems, it also claims to renew them.

The NuvoH20 is extremely easy to use and eco-friendly as well. It requires no electricity or magnets, and unlike most water softeners, doesn’t waste water. The NuvoH20 comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate your living space, whether it is a large house or small apartment. It comes with a detailed manual so you can set the unit up yourself, and the cartridges are very easily replaced.

  • Innovative method and design that uses citric acids instead of salt, which saves you money and produces salt-free conditioned water.
  • Not only offers the same benefits of other water softeners that prevent mineral buildup, but also reduces existing buildup.
  • Eco friendly and easy to use, as it does not require electricity or magnets.
  • No water waste.Variety of different sizes available to accommodate your specific living needs.
  • Risk free purchase with lifetime warranty and 90-day money back guarantee.
  • 60,000 Grains.
  • May not be as effective with water that is extremely hard.
  • Cartridges need to be replaced every 6 months (although the design makes this very easy).

What Makes the Flek 5600SXT The Best Water Softener On the Market?

Because all consumers have different needs, selecting from the best water softeners can be a challenge. Fortunately, one product stood out from the crowd. Thanks to three main benefits, we’re confident that this one product can meet the needs of many consumers.

Superior Performance

The Flek 5600SXT is, hands-down, the most powerful water softener available to consumers today. It is superior in nearly every respect to competing products. It’s advanced ion-exchange process is the only technology that actually removes minerals from the water. Alternative methods such as magnetic and salt-based systems simply condition the water to reduce the negative effects of hard water. Pure, mineral free water is able to flow directly into your household after passing through the resin which capture the minerals. You’ll never have to waste time or money replacing this resin as the multi-stage regeneration process recycles it through a brine tank. Even the largest homes with the hardest water will be able to take advantage of the incredible 48,000 grain capacity of the Flek 5600SXT.

Minimal Maintenance

Flek doesn’t make the only ion exchange water softener on the market, but it does make the best! With the Flek, you’ll rarely have to waste time and money restoring the brine tank thanks to its advanced regeneration process. Normal ion-exchange use clock timers to reschedule regeneration, or simply regenerate constantly. The Flek 5600SXT measures your actual water use, and regenerates only when absolutely necessary – ensuring that supplies are never wasted.

Customer Friendly

The Flek 5600SXT won’t cause you frustration, headache, or stress thanks to the easy to use LCD display. With a compact design, durable build, and reliable performance the Flek 5600SXT is the best choice for consumers who are unwilling to compromise on quality.

Still not sure? If you’ve read our water softener reviews and you still don’t know how to select the one that’s right for your home, we’ll explain how to discover what capacity you need.

1. What is grain capacity?

Most water softeners will have a grain capacity listed somewhere, but what exactly are grains? A grain is a unit of measurement that refers to the hardness of water. The hardness of water is measured in grains per gallon (gpg). To put it simply, the higher the gpg the more minerals are in your water. When a water softener has a 48,000 grain capacity (like the Flek 5600SXT), that reflects how much water hardness the unit can remove before the resin needs to be regenerated. Thus, you’ll be able to save time, effort and money if you use a high gran capacity water softener.

2. How do I Know My Water Hardness Level?

You should be able to find water hardness strips at any local hardware store. Simply pour a sample of your household water into the included cup. The strip will change color depending on the number of minerals present. By referring to the included pamphlet, you’ll be able to find out the GPG measurement of your waters mineral content.

3. What size of water softener do I need?

This will depend primarily on the number of people in your household, and the hardness of your water. To find out what size you need, follow these simple steps:

 1.Calculate Your Water Use

 On average, each person uses approximately 80 gallons of water per day. Multiply this by the number of                          people in your household to find your total water use. A family of 3 would use 240 gallons per day.

2.Calculate Your Grain Capacity

The harder your water, the more you require from your water softener. The hardness of your water is measured in “Grans of Hardness”. If you have water that has a hardness of 100, you’d simply multiply this by your estimated daily water usage. In this example, you’d need a water softener with a grain capacity of 24,000.

3.Consider The Space Requirements

Where will you be installing your water softener? How much space do you have? A large, high grain capacity softener may be simple to use, but for some apartments they are just too large.

4.Consider Your Financial Needs

Price is a huge factor in determining what kind of water softener you will purchase. Remember to facture in the future benefits. How much will it cost to replace appliances such as your dishwasher or showerhead? How much time will you save cleaning up mineral residue? Try to balance these with your up-front cost to find a softener that fits within your budget.

What Comes Next?

Now you are ready to find your perfect water softener! We’ve covered all of the important topics, so take a look at some of the best-selling water softeners we have compiled for you, or click here to learn more about how easy it is to use and maintain your water softener.